Monday, July 12, 2010

Granny Stripes

I've really been on a crochet kick lately. Since it is the first handwork skill I learned as a child, I believe it will always be the most comfortable for me. Knitting is a close second. Crochet is also easier to do while taking care of little ones: there's only one hook (as opposed to two needles, or even as many as five with double-pointed needles), and there's only one live stitch. I also stumbled upon this new-to-me blog full of crochet inspiration.

I started using Lucy's pattern for the Granny Stripe Blanket. Don't you just love her colors? I'm using Vanna's Choice yarn in colors sapphire, antique rose, fern, burgundy and mustard. I had to get passed my yarn snobbery to buy 100% acrylic, but Vanna's Choice ha such great colors, plus made the blanket a lot more affordable.

I'm making this blanket to replace another one we have hanging on my husband's lazy boy recliner. Yes, it is my husband's recliner, and it is his blanket. Both he brought into the marriage, and although he's not ready to let go of his recliner yet, he is willing to swap out the blanket. I'm too embarrassed to post a pic of this blanket, but here's a description: crocheted with acrylic yarn in shades of baby blue, flourescent orange, yellow and green sometime in the 80s. His roommate left it when he moved out, so I don't even want to think of what that blanket has seen/been through!

I have nine pattern stripes so far and am excited to keep going. We'll see if I'm ready to move onto knitting when I'm done with this blanket, but I'm thinking of making a matching granny-square afghan next for the sofa...

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  1. Love your new "blog home"! I also toggle between knit and crochet... though lately I've done neither, being busy with work and garden!! I love your Granny Stripe blanket! That basket of yarn looks so inviting! :) Now I'm off to check out the crochet blog you mentioned...

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