Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mid-summer Gardening

June has been a hot and dry month here in northern New Mexico. I've had to water more than I'd like to keep my plants alive, but hopefully the monsoons will be starting soon. I'm feeling like my hard work in the garden is finally paying off. We've been enjoying peas for a couple weeks now, as well as lettuce and spinach. I was starting to get worried about our tomato plants because they were producing flowers, but no fruit. Well, today I spotted some tomatoes--yay! It feels good to reap what I've sown. :)

Matthew just loves fresh peas. If I cook them he won't even let them on his plate. There just must be something about picking your own veggies from the garden...

My zucchini is really thriving in its partial-shade environment. During previous years, when I've planted them in full sun, they would become super wilted. The sun here in the mountains is so intense that I've found it's helpful to plant in a little less-than-recommended light.

First tomatoes!

Does anyone know what this flower is? We have several of different colors, and they're just beautiful. I'm thinking that it's some kind of lily...

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic summer!

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  1. What an wonderful garden! We planted our first one a little late so we haven't been able to harvest anything yet, but we have had little green tomatoes that should ripen soon, I hope. Our backyard is full of mosquitos so I hate going back there anymore. Aaron planted jalepenos:).