Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hats and Craft Shows

I love going to craft shows. In our community there are several a year with a variety of vendors. I enjoy the whole atmosphere, and often purchase several gifts at each show. One of my problems, however, is that I often walk away with the thought of "I can just make this" in my head. I also have the goal (just about every year) to enter a craft show with my own booth. With two little ones running around, it is difficult for that goal to be realized.

Recently one of my cousins had her first baby--a little girl. When I asked my cousin if there was anything in particular she needed for her daughter, she said yes--hats! When I asked her about colors she let me know that girly colors were great. I was more than happy to oblige! :) I decided to create my own pattern with some cotton sock yarn I had in my stash. I was so happy with my first attempt that I decided to do a bit more designing. During this period of creation, the thought of entering a craft show crept back into my mind...maybe, just maybe, I'd be blessed with enough time and inspiration to design and create items for my own little booth this coming fall.

I do have a fear of losing money during this process, but honestly, my greatest fear is that of rejection. What if I'm not accepted into the craft fair? What if no one likes my items? What if someone makes an unflattering comment? What if the items look more "homemade" than "handmade"? Right now I believe that my greatest hurdle is not time, money, or lack of inspiration, but my own self-esteem issues. Has anyone out there entered a craft show before? How did you get past the fear-of-rejection aspect of it? Do you have any advice for a first-timer?

I'd also really appreciate feedback on what I've been currently working on. Interestingly, my favorite piece is different from my Mom's, and hers is different from the ladies at stitching club. I guess everyone has unique tastes, which is part of the fun in creating handmade items. I just hope to appeal to someone...

Most sincerely,

Directly below is the first hat I made. I used "Crazy Cotton" sock yarn and a size C needle. Even though the yarn is a light weight, it actually worked up fairly quickly. The flower was a lot of fun to make!

I used the same pattern for my second hat, but a different yarn: Red Heart's "Heart and Sole" sock yarn. I used the size C hook again, but I did have to include several more pattern repeats due to the smaller gauge.

The next hat is super girly! I used a heavier (sport weight) cotton yarn and size D hook. I did change the pattern a bit to account for the larger gauge. I do want to fiddle with the crown shaping a bit more. I'm still a little used to working from the rim up with knitting, so I don't always get the results I want with working from the crown down with crochet.

Finally, I wanted to make something with little boys in mind. This was made using Knit Picks' Swish DK and a size D hook (I'd like to try E next time). A friend of mine is having her first boy at the end of July, so I thought this would be a cute little addition. I'm thinking of adding earflaps...


  1. your work is SO amazing! I too go to craft shows and see so many items and think "I can make that"
    I would love to have my own booth at a show, but I too think "will anyone actually buy this stuff and is it worth the time and money?"
    I think you just have to dive in a give it a try! You can't fail for trying!

  2. katie, I"m just now catching up. How wonderful! The hats are adorable, and your garden is gorgeous. Regarding your note on my blog- I think tough pea pods could be a result of the heat, but I"m not sure. I've been watering all of the garden every other day while it's so hot. We're out of radishes, now, and I'm using the lettuce up this week. We're going to be in a bit of a veggie drought until the tomatoes and beans start producing! Your garden looks good- I like your banner with the hydrangea.

  3. I love your hats Katie - especially the flower one, super cute! You're doing a wonderful job and I think others would appreciate your talents on display as well. Be confident in your craft, we are the biggest critics of ourselves, and sometimes need a bit of encouragement - but you're inspiring to have the talent to create wonderful pieces while raising two busy-bodied boys (aren't they all?!?) - I don't know how you do it!