Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quiet Time

Yesterday, for about an hour, both boys were napping (a rarity in our household!) and my husband was at the hardware store. I savored every minute of my quiet time!

With two young children, two dogs, two cats, and a husband home for the summer (he's a teacher), it is often difficult to find the peace and quiet that I crave during the day. I do my best, however, to find small moments here and there. I find such time while watering and weeding my garden, washing the dishes, and rocking and nursing my younger son to sleep. If I feel like I really need some thinking time, I'll even take the boys for a little drive in the afternoon for their nap time (something I thought I would never do as a parent). I also find peace while taking walks, swimming laps, and just sitting at the public library. I love my boys, but having some quiet time to myself helps me to refocus and feel refreshed.

When do you find your quiet time?


  1. I love showers on the weekends when my husband is home and I don't have a toddler standing at the edge of the tub. That's some of my best quiet time.

  2. Jayme--I completely agree! My typical shower consists of our one-year-old being plastered to the shower door. Sometimes it takes me several minutes to even get out of the shower since I don't want to knock him over. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love showers too and sometimes when Aaron gets home, I take 30 minutes in our room to read and just breath. I really do get cranky when I don't get a moment to myself--like when Aaron is gone for a conference. Also, Eldon is old enough that I can tell him it is quiet time when Lilly sleeps. He'll play quietly in his room or around the house. Motherhood certainly is a marathon!