Monday, August 9, 2010

Frugal Blogs

Typically, when I find myself having a little free time (ha!) I enjoy surfing around the 'net checking out all the great crafting blogs out there. Lately, however, I've found myself in new territory: frugal/thrifty/coupon blogs! I've been introduced to some fun sites and great ideas, although I do get a bit tired of the same ol' advertisements...

One of my favorite "discoveries" has been to this site:

Directly from the site:
"Jasmere seeks out lesser-known specialty retailers that deserve national attention. Our team of New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC- based shopaholics personally tests every product we feature, using jasmere's negotiating power to offer you an exclusive discount. But don't let the low prices fool you. Every merchant we feature on jasmere meets our highest standards of quality. You may not have heard of these websites, but you can be sure their products and services are the best around. We guarantee it."

Basically, vouchers are given at a huge discount, and the more people who purchase the vouchers, the steeper the discount. Credit cards are not charged until the sale has ended. I've already seen the price for today's sale go down within the past couple hours. So, check out this fun site, and if you're so inclined, purchase some vouchers for Maple Landmark Woodcraft. I've already bought a couple!

$50 Maple Landmark Woodcraft Gift Certificate for only $19 (and price may still drop)! Deal ends at noon tomorrow!

Here are some of the blogs I especially like:
Savings and Stewardship
Just Frugalicious
Two Frugal Friends

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