Monday, August 23, 2010


The above picture was taken last week when I was driving home from Santa Fe. Both of the boys were asleep in the car, for once I had my camera with me, and the sight was so breath-taking that I just had to pull over. I often forget, or perhaps just ignore, what a beautiful part of the world we live in--wide open space, gorgeous skies, little pollution or litter, and NO strip malls. Since both my husband and I grew up here in northern New Mexico, we sometimes fantasize about moving somewhere else--no where in particular, just someplace different. Then I stop for a moment (or pull the car over) and realize that we're in just about the perfect place, especially for this time in our lives. I feel not only content, but extremely blessed.


  1. Just beautiful, Katie. I'll always have a fondness for New Mexico. I really miss it when I see pictures like this!

  2. That's a gorgeous picture! Good to see you today. I was just reviewing your blog- how's the couponing going? And did you get the Retail Anarchy book at the library? I saw SouleMamm was reading Revolutionary Housewives, too. And I had forgotten how cute your crocheted baby hats are. Have you had a chance to do any more?