Monday, November 15, 2010

My Little Dream

Except for a patch of Swiss chard, our harvesting is now complete. There will always be room for improvements, but I am happy with how our garden turned out this year. Pat built be five 4x6 beds, giving us 120 square feet of gardening space. We now have a crisper full of carrots, onions in the garage, peach jam and butter, not to mention the fresh veggies we enjoyed throughout the summer. Matthew even brought up the peas today and how he wants to plant more tomorrow. :)

As much as I enjoyed our garden, I'm looking forward to the reflective and cozy times of winter. I'm hoping to also get in some skiing this year, which is something I truly enjoy but have not done since having the boys. I've also been thinking ahead to next year's garden! I have so many plans and often need to slow myself down. For example, my mind has currently been filled with visions of chickens and goats. Now, there is no way we could have goats at our home due to county regulations, but chickens are another story... Not wanting to jump the gun, I'm going to be spending plenty of time this winter researching raising chickens (and trying to talk my husband into allowing me to have a few!).

I have a dream of owning a couple acres of land with a log cabin nestled between some pines (with chickens and goats, of course!) While this dream may not become a reality for another five to ten years (if ever), I feel that I can still hone into my country-living skills here on my quarter-acre. Fortunately, there are many books currently out detailing precisely that--urban homesteading. The latest issue of Mother Earth News highlights the following: "Although many people dream of buying several acres in the country, you can start homesteading wherever you are...In fact, many aspects of homesteading work as well in the city as in the country. Solar panels, straw bale building, heating with wood and collecting rainwater are all possible in the city or suburbs."

Even though I'm not yet in my log cabin, making fresh goat cheese and yogurt while collecting eggs, I feel like now is the time to practice my homemaking/homesteading skills while enjoying my neighborhood and own little quarter-acre! :)



  1. Congrats on having such a successful garden! I'm hoping Kyle and I can get one started next spring - any tips you have are more than welcome.

  2. That reminds me, it's about time for me to start pulling up my garden and closing up shop for the winter.

    It was great to hear from you - glad you are going great!

  3. Do what you can, where you are... And we'll keep working on our husbands about the chicken thing. I have wanted a few backyard chickens for many years, only since the salmonella outbreak this fall has he been even remotely open to the idea!